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The Quickest Way Out of Your Money Mess


Have you ever used the word someday?

  • Someday I will start eating better.
  • Someday I will start that savings account.
  • Someday I will _________________.

I have and do use the word someday all too often. Most of the time it is truly a deep desire to do better. We know what to do and even “how to”. The problem is we just don’t seem to make the effort. I can tell you from a personal stand point that I have more than one area of my life that I have had lackluster results. Why? Because I have not fully applied the things I have learned and know that will work.

Why do we struggle so much with doing what we know is the right thing?


Sometimes it is because we hear so much negative news. You hear it in the news, from family, Facebook, and Twitter. The best way to handle this type thing is to eliminate. I bet you had the same thought…but that isn’t what I meant. Eliminate the negative voices in your life. Now and forever! I’m not suggesting that you stick your head in the sand here or abandon everyone.

Pay attention and DO SOMETHING about what you can control.

Do. That little yet so powerful word. It is always a good idea to have a positive attitude and work on the words you use. It truly does make a difference. Your mindset is extremely important, but we must apply and DO.

Pay less attention to the things you can not control, instead pray and trust Jesus Christ to handle the things you have no control over.

So I eluded to the quickest way out of your money mess. It really is as simple as DO. Do what you know to do. Don’t wait for a gut punch. Getting fired or a major health crisis.

In the next post I will share a mindset trick with you that could completely change your life.

Do you have a potential mess? Something you have been putting off?

I’d love for you to share in the comments about the one thing you are going to DO NOW to change.

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