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001: Money Resolutions – Wall Street’s Wild Ride


It has been a crazy few days in the stock market. So how can you control what happens on Wall Street? I’m not so sure you can. So what should you be doing? Figure out where you are and proceed.Money Resolutions

Here are a few ideas and things covered in the first Money Resolutions Show.

Do you have money ready for the rainy day? If not then start here.

Do you have the right kind of and correct amount of insurance? If you don’t know, look into it. Now.

Are you in debt? If yes then list them from smallest to largest. Put the cash smack on that first one as you pay minimums on the rest. The accomplishment of paying the first one off will give you momentum to keep going forward. Something happens in your thinking process when you make progress. It is okay to rejoice, but don’t stop here for too long.  Keep that excitement moving forward. Take the amount you were paying on the debt you killed and move it over to the next punk up the line. When you add the previous amount to the minimum do the math. Can you see how much faster it will be paid off? Nice eh? Oh once you kill them bury them. Close the account and let them rest in peace.

Do you have an income crisis? If you do then maybe you could take another class to build on your skill set. Read a good book. Build a relationship with someone who is more successful than you are.

Basics and balance-Keep things simple. No need for fancy expensive insurance or day trading software.

Pay attention and be responsible. See above….

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