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Net is Gross

Net is Gross

Have you ever looked at your check and compared the Net vs Gross? It seems gross is the winner with every paycheck. Now I am not here to say that we shouldn’t be thankful for what we have. That is not the intent. Certain parts of the deductions are much more pleasing than others. Insurance and retirement savings are not as gross as some of the other things you can see listed. Does it frustrate you when you see gross winning over net?

There is nothing wrong with you desiring to make more money, if your motives are pure. You could want more so you can give more. Make no mistake about it you should not wait until you make more to give. In fact if you want more you should give more. There is a law of sowing and reaping. Money is simply a tool. Yes it is more complex than a hammer, but it can do many of the same things. If you want to build an orphanage chances are you might use a hammer. On the other hand if you want to destroy something, you could use?…ding, ding ding, A hammer! I encourage you to find a portion of that net amount you see and give it away. That is the only way for net to win out over gross.

What ideas do you have to increase your bottom line? They don’t have to be “Big Ideas”. Recently I have had this idea of starting vegetables, and fruit (tomatoes) from seeds to sell. I am still hashing this out. The farmer in me wants to plant and grow. My reason for this is yes to potentially make a bit of net on the side, but there is more to it than just that. This is a great way to help families eat healthy, and hedge against inflation. Planting your own garden is a way to hedge against the rising cost of food. What pure pleasure it is to raise your own food. If you want to be hip you can raise it all organically. We will see if this one pans out or not. Feel free to share your ideas to increase the size of your net.

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