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Enter Evernote

EvernoteI don’t know about you, but I find myself writing things down on a scratch sheet of paper, the palm of my hand or digitally online. A few weeks ago Evernote was installed on my HTC Hero. The application has been quietly lurking in the list. I tried another program, but I found it lacking in the area of usability. So I went online and actually signed up for an account with Evernote. So far, I am very impressed. They have browser extensions for you to choose from that will prove to be a time saver. Having the ability to grab things from the web with Web Clipper for your computer is an essential feature. You can check out the video below for ideas on how it could help you.

I know several people that could use this tool for show prep. Everybody has their method that works for them and as they say, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I would be interested to hear from people that actually use Evernote or something similar. Typing in search criteria would be much better than flipping through that stack of paper.

The real world example for me will be to use Evernote to gather resources and ideas for a project I am working on. What method or tools do you use for notes that are accessible anywhere and on multiple devices? Feel free to share those as well as how you use Evernote.

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