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21 Things You Should Never Buy New

I recently found myself surfing on craigslist.org looking for a deal. I still would like to add a  piece or two of furniture to my downtown apartment. After looking around I decided to do a search for “Subaru parts”. What I found thrilled me! Right there, less than 100 miles from home, was a perfectly good set of used WRX rims! The price couldn’t be beat. Iused rimslooked on Ebay.com and saw the same set for $350 before shipping. After looking through a few forums I found out that they would fit my car, and I immediately contacted the owner. After making arrangements, I went and picked up the used set of shoes for the Subie. Oh you want to know the price? $100! I know, it cost me a bit more at the end of the day to drive and pick them up. None the less I saved money on a great set of rims.

Much to my regret my attempt to contact a local business that has factory pull-off used tires only gets 17 inch and above used tires now. I had hoped that I would find a great deal on a set of used tires. I like to do business locally when I can, so I opted for a great deal on a set of new ones from www.woodstire.com. If you live in or near New Albany, MS you should give Woods ok Tire a shot at serving you.

I did buy tires new, but this article will help you with 21 things you should never buy new. Now I do not suggest you even touch number 20, but it is the better way if you must. What other ways have you found to purchase perfectly good used items that saved you money? Feel free to post them in the comments area.

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